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When you’re thinking about moving to Wilmington, you made a great decision. A few things to consider when moving, the area, job prospects, and the community environment are a few that top the list. Wilmington, North Carolina is the perfect coastal city with many great amenities; from great beaches, fishing, night life, awesome restaurants, fresh seafood, culture and history, and so much more.

There are so many good reasons to living in Wilmington, it’s difficult single out a list, but here are a few reasons to choose Wilmington.

Coastal City with Southern Charm
Wilmington is located right off the coast in beautiful North Carolina. A charming port city with pristine beaches means you’re living in paradise. Lots of history as well as modern amenities.

Friendly and Fun Environment
Featuring a number of art galleries, great restaurants, music venues, and an impressive coastal boardwalk on the Cape Fear River, Wilmington highlights a comfortable and modern atmosphere. The city is far more than a tourist destination – it’s a place to call home.

Enjoy the Prosperity
Not only are unemployment rates lower in Wilmington than the average US city, but job variety is diverse. Locating and securing a job isn’t a headache city. Known for it’s scientific and tech jobs.

Always Growing
The city’s population of just over 115,000, and a steady growth rate means a stable economy and diversity. It also falls into the perfect number of inhabitants, preventing the city from feeling too crowded without feeling empty. People that visitor Wilmington fall in love the moment they experience this charming town.

Beautiful Beaches
The city is clean and gorgeous, but the beaches here are truly beautiful. Masonboro Sound, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach to name a few. Lots of water sports to be had; stand up paddle boarding, surfing, fishing, more. It’s hard to find an excuse or 10 not to move to Wilmington.

Wilmington is the perfect mix of small city life and coastal living. It’s the ideal place to raise a family or fall in love. It’s lively but relaxed, active but comfortable. It’s the kind of place you’ll never want to leave.   If you’re looking to make the move to Wilmington, contact us, and we’ll turn finding the perfect home in this gorgeous nook of North Carolina an effortless experience.

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