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QCL Training Program

Dr. Scott Mough
Training Director

Scott joined the industry in 2007 and started with QCL in 2018. He is developing training curricula based on best practices to maximize employees’ knowledge and efficiency. Scott is a subject matter expert in x-ray crystallography and solid state organic chemistry. He has experience testing samples in a contract pharmaceutical laboratory and has also served as an assistant professor of chemistry at the undergraduate level.

As a fast-paced, customer-oriented CRO, Quality Chemical Laboratories performs a wide variety of analyses for clients in raw materials, finished products, manufacturing and formulations development. To satisfy our customers’ needs, the training department at Quality Chemical Laboratories oversees training for employees in over fifty laboratory techniques. With assistance from management, the training department develops a unique training program for each individual, based upon his or her job description and previous experience.

Training starts with the onboarding process for each employee. Onboarding training is generally performed in face-to-face sessions over the first two days at QCL. We prefer a face-to-face approach for onboarding as this allows our new employees to meet and interact with our experienced trainers. Our goal is to foster an environment in which questions are freely asked and answered.

QCL laboratory training begins immediately after the on-boarding process. Early laboratory training is performed in the training laboratory, which is completely separate from the main (revenue generating) laboratories. The training lab was opened in January 2019, and is dedicated solely to training laboratory employees. A group of rotating laboratory trainers introduces trainees to general laboratory techniques, proper documentation, and other basic techniques within the training lab. As analysts gain experience, they are slowly integrated into their laboratory. Training in more advanced techniques may occur in the training lab, or in another laboratory, depending on the technique.

QCL is in the process of obtaining a Learning Management System (LMS) to better manage and schedule training throughout the company. The LMS will allow QCL to transition from a paper-based training model to a streamlined electronic system. This change will improve training at QCL in a number of areas, including the following:

  1. More effective delivery of video-based training.

  2. On-demand training and electronic quizzes increase employee productivity.

  3. Employee acknowledgement of relevant SOP revisions through document read-and-sign.

  4. Self-enrollment in face-to-face training sessions.

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