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Raw Materials

QCL offers routine 10-15 business day turnaround-time for raw materials testing. Rush turn-around is available upon request and with prior approval. This applies to USP, EP, JP, BP, FCC, and ACS. QCL has a dedicated group of experienced chemists and our sample management system assures sample traceability.  All documentation is professionally detailed and completely GMP reviewed at test completion prior to issuance of the COA. Due to the stringent checks and balances between the laboratory and the Quality Assurance group, all final results are accurate and reliable.

Techniques, Tests and Instrumentation

  • Bench Wet Chemistry Testing
  • Limits Testing
  • Lead
  • Titrations
    Potentiometric Titrations (Metrohm Autotitrator)
    Colorimetric Titrations (Metrohm Dosimat)
  • Chromatography
    HPLC with multiple detection capabilities including AAA for EP Ninhydrin Positive Substance analysis
    GC for Residual Solvents testing
  • Viscosity
    Capillary Viscosities (Ubbelohde and Cannon-Fenske)
    Rotational Viscosities (Brookfield LV and RV rotational viscometers)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry 
    (TA Instruments Q100)
  • Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (Hitachi TG/DTA 7200)
  • Particle Size Analysis
    Rotap Sieving
    Air Jet Sieving
  • Metals Analysis
    Flame Atomic Absorption
    Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption
    Flame Atomic Emission
    Cold Vapor Mercury Analysis
  • Kjeldahl Nitrogen Assay
  • Fluorimetry (Shimadzu RF-5301PC Spectrofluorometer)
  • Polarimetry (Rudolph Autopol III)
  • 589 nm and 546 nm
  • Tapped and Bulk Density
  • Total Organic Carbon (Tekmar-Dohrman Pheonix 8000 TOC analyzer)
  • Specific Surface Area – Volumetric Method (Micromeritics Gemini 2360)
    Single Point
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (Shimadzu IR-Prestige)
    Liquids, Gases and Solids
    ATR (Multi-bounce and Single Bounce)
  • UV-Visible Spectroscopy (Agilent 8453 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer)
  • Thin Layer Chromatography
  • Melting Point Analysis
  • Karl Fischer Analysis (Metrohm KF Titrino)
  • Coulometric Karl Fischer Analysis (Methrohm Coulometer)
  • Disintegration (Agilent disintegration testers)
  • Tablet Hardness
  • Refractive Index (Thermo Electron 334610)
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