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QCL Management Team

Emily Ware
Formulations & Manufacturing Development Director

Emily has a PhD in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences and a background in Chemical Engineering. She joined QCL in 2020 with a wide variety of experience from 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry including formulation development, taste-masking, technology transfer and scale-up, pre-formulation characterization, lean six sigma, computer system validation, and expertise in implementing electronic laboratory notebooks with instrument integration. Specializing in oral liquid and solid dosage forms, Emily has experience in high-shear granulation, fluid-bed granulation, roller compaction, milling, blending, tableting, encapsulation, liquid-filled hard-gelatin capsules, capsule banding, Wurster coating, and perforated pan coating technologies. She is the director of QCL’s formulation and manufacturing development team.


Kim Nance
Quality Assurance Director

Kim has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and joined QCL in 2012. She is responsible for hosting customer audits, regulatory inspections and has oversight of cGMP compliance company-wide.

Tony Yeates
Manufacturing QA Director

Tony has 28 years in the pharmaceutical industry and joined QCL in 2020. He is responsible for Quality oversight of Formulations and cGMP manufacturing.

Dr. Scott Mough
Training Director

Scott joined the industry in 2007 and started with QCL in 2018. He is developing training curricula based on best practices to maximize employees’ knowledge and efficiency. Scott is a subject matter expert in x-ray crystallography and solid state organic... [more]


Braxton Wallace
Metrology Manager

Braxton joined Quality Chemical Laboratories in 2020. He has worked over 4 years in the instrumentation service industry and combined 9 years in pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and educational settings. He manages the metrology department ensuring our instrumentation maintains the highest levels of precision, accuracy, and reliability.

Kenner Stierwalt
IT & Infrastructure Manager

Kenner has 24 years in the pharmaceutical industry and joined QCL in 2012. He is responsible for company-wide Information Technology and Infrastructure in in QCL’s data-driven business of science.

Audrey O’Nan
Biotechnology Lab Manager

Audrey entered the industry in 2003 and joined QCL in 2018 to establish our presence in the Biotechnology arena. She is experienced in the genomics and proteomics field with a focus on gene expression, post-translational modifications, DNA and RNA sequencing, and real-time PCR. Audrey’s emphasis has been on protein and enzymatic assays, cell-based assays, residual DNA testing, Microflow Imaging (MFI), and SDS-PAGE.


Gina Holliman, Manager
Raw Material Labs & Sample Log-in Group

Gina has been in the pharmaceutical industry for 16 years and with QCL the last 8 years. She manages the first shift of our Raw Material/Wet Chemistry labs and the Sample Log-in department