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Formulations Development Capability

At Quality Chemical Laboratories, we pride ourselves in providing scientifically focused formulation development activities. As a resource for prototype development, QCL offers a responsive service allowing critical formulation data to be achieved in a timely manner such that key clinical timelines can be met. QCL is heavily focused on the ability to be nimble and respond to clients’ needs which is achievable in a highly collaborative team environment where science is at the forefront. The combination of QCL’s expertise in multiple areas – API synthesis, Method Development, Formulation Development- allows strong formulation development within aggressive timelines fully supported by World Class analytical support. Our experts treat you as partners, working together to provide solutions to problems.

Specialized Areas of Expertise:

  • Taste Masking
  • Enteric Coating
  • Aqueous Tablet Film Coating
  • Immediate or Controlled Release

Formulation Development Capabilities:

Pre-Formulation Studies:

  • Excipient Compatibility Study
  • API/ Blend Physical Characterization
  • Material Compatibility Study
Tablet Coating

Small Scale Prototype Development/ Dosage Determination

Process/ Scale Up Development
  • Abbreviated Stability Study (multiple packaging configurations available)
  • Analytical Sample Production
  • Lead in Stability Study

Quality Chemical Laboratories Manufacturing Equipment List 2023


Equipment Info

Batch Sizes

Syntegon TPR 200 Tablet Press 8 stations B-tooling, 8 stations D-toolingUp to ~ 24,000 tablets per hour
Syntegon GKF 702 Automated Encapsulator Powder/Pellet capabilities Up to ~21,000 capsules per hour
Riva – Piccola 8 Station B/D Tablet Press 4 stations B-tooling, 4 stations D-tooling Up to ~ 10,000 tablets per hour
O’Hara Spray Systems Labcoat M 8.5” coating pan up to a 15” coating pan 200 grams to 3.0 kg
Vector GMX-LAB Mini High Shear Granulator 4 L and 8 L product bowls 300 grams to 2.5 kg
Vector TFC-LAB Micro Roller Compactor Bench top Roller Compactor Up to 1 kg per hour
Vector VFC-LAB 3 Fluid Bed System Top Spray Granulation, Wurster Coating, and Drying 500 grams to 4.0 kg
Accofil LM-14Various gun sizesUp to 5 kg
EZ Feed Blistering Coldform/ Thermoform Varies
Quadro Comil 197SProduct Dedicated Screens and Impeller Product Dependent
GP Mill 2.5 Product Dedicated Screens and Impeller Product Dependent
Tumble Blenders with Intensifier Bar Capabilities Sift and Blend Technology Option is available 30mL – 2ft3
SADE Weight Checker Accuracy +/- 1.0mg Product Dependent


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