Analytical Development

Analytical Development

Quality Chemical Laboratories is known for its capabilities in the development and validation of analytical methods for raw materials, drug substances, and drug products. With a strong focus on quality and precision, QCL employs cutting-edge technologies and a highly skilled team of scientists to offer comprehensive analytical services.

QCL possesses significant expertise in the analysis of raw materials used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. They develop and validate analytical methods to assess the quality and purity of raw materials, ensuring their compliance with established standards and specifications. QCL’s capabilities extend to testing excipients, packaging materials, and other components critical to the production of pharmaceutical products. This comprehensive approach enables pharmaceutical companies to maintain control over the quality of their raw materials and safeguard the integrity of their finished products.

QCL excels in the development and validation of robust, precise, and sensitive methods to characterize and quantify active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). They employ a range of sophisticated techniques, including high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), mass spectrometry (MS), and coming soon nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), among others. QCL’s expertise allows for the identification and quantification of impurities, degradation products, and related substances, ensuring the purity and quality of drug substances.

QCL also specializes in the development of analytical methods for drug product analysis. They have a deep understanding of the complex matrices of pharmaceutical formulations and employ various analytical techniques to assess drug product quality. This includes dissolution testing, content uniformity, stability testing, assay methods, and identification of degradation products. QCL’s proficiency in these areas ensures that drug products meet stringent regulatory requirements and maintain their safety and efficacy throughout their shelf life.

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FOOD Compatibility & Feeding tube Studies

Quality Chemical Laboratories (QCL) is a renowned analytical testing and research organization with expertise in conducting food compatibility studies and feeding tube studies within the drug product development space in particular QCL has experience in recent FDA guidances for these studies. QCL’s reputation is built on its commitment to delivering high-quality analytical services and its comprehensive understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. Here’s a brief description of QCL’s expertise in food compatibility and feeding tube studies:

Feeding Tube Studies:

  1. Analytical Excellence: QCL boasts state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and a team of experienced scientists with specialized knowledge in pharmaceutical analysis. Their expertise extends to assessing how drugs interact with feeding tube materials and formulations.
  2. Comprehensive Feeding Tube Studies: QCL conducts comprehensive feeding tube studies, evaluating the compatibility of drug products with materials commonly used in feeding tubes. These studies are essential to ensure that drugs maintain their safety and efficacy when administered through enteral feeding.
  3. Compatibility and Stability Testing: Rigorous compatibility and stability testing are central to QCL’s feeding tube studies. They examine potential chemical degradation or physical changes in drug products when exposed to feeding tube conditions, providing crucial insights for formulation optimization.
  4. Dissolution and Absorption Assessment: QCL’s analytical capabilities encompass measuring drug dissolution and absorption characteristics in simulated feeding tube environments. This data aids in refining drug formulations and dosing regimens to maximize therapeutic outcomes for patients dependent on enteral feeding.
  5. Regulatory Expertise: QCL is well-versed in the regulatory requirements governing feeding tube studies, ensuring that their clients’ drug products adhere to industry standards and compliance needs.

Food Compatibility Studies:

  1. Analytical Proficiency: QCL leverages its analytical prowess to conduct food compatibility studies, evaluating how drugs interact with various food components and matrices.
  2. Dissolution Testing: These studies include dissolution testing to assess changes in drug dissolution rates when taken with different types of food. 
  3. Chemical Stability Assessments: Analytical methods are employed to monitor chemical stability, ensuring that the drug remains intact and effective when administered with or shortly after a meal.
  4. Customized Solutions: Recognizing the individuality of each drug product, QCL tailors their food compatibility studies to address specific client needs, facilitating informed decision-making and formulation adjustments.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: QCL provides data that aligns with regulatory standards, assisting in the approval process and ensuring that drug products are safe and effective in real-world conditions.

In summary, Quality Chemical Laboratories stands as a trusted partner for pharmaceutical companies engaged in drug product development. Their expertise in feeding tube studies and food compatibility studies, underpinned by analytical excellence, regulatory knowledge, and a commitment to quality, contributes significantly to the development of pharmaceuticals that meet the unique needs of patients requiring enteral administration and ensure the effectiveness of medications in various meal scenarios.


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