Custom Packages

QCL offers specialty services that are tailored to the client's specific needs. Examples of these services include process development, cleaning validation support, intrinsic dissolution, and degradation product/impurity characterization with synthesis of reference materials.

QCL employs talented and experienced scientists to help solve some of your most difficult analytical issues.

Our Pharmaceutical Lab Services

Quality Chemical Laboratories provides the specialized testing required for drug product method development, validation, release, stability, devices, and packaging testing. Along with method development, our scientific team specializes in formulation testing, impurities & degradents, vendor comparison, and extractables & leachables analyses.

  • Formulation Testing: Learn More ↓

    QCL can develop solid dose formulation prototypes for non-GMP purposes.  We provide services to test active pharmaceutical ingredients against a myriad of common excipients.  Our extensive experience and wide-range of analytical instruments will provide a comprehensive evaluation of excipient compatibility and stability with drug substances. Hide ↑

  • Impurities and Degradents: Learn More ↓

    Identify unknown peaks in chromatographic and spectral analyses through isolation and characterization of the unknown analyte using a wide-range of analytical instruments.  Our team will work with you to propose a source for the unknown. Hide ↑

  • Vendor Comparison: Learn More ↓

    We provide an assay and impurities comparison of current vendor suppliers of pharmaceutical compounds versus secondary suppliers.  Our experts will identify the smallest difference among formulations of various suppliers. Hide ↑

  • Extractables & Leachables: Learn More ↓

    We will fully evaluate, characterize, and qualify the selection of container and closure systems used for product packaging to help maintain product safety, quality, and efficacy. Hide ↑

Quality Chemical Laboratories' staff embodies the experience and dedication to address your needs for validation, compliance and technical services. We will assemble an experienced team to fulfill your pharmaceutical needs and analytical issues. Our flexible staff will work with you concomitantly assuring your goals are promptly achieved. We are at the cutting edge of developing analytical methods for your pharmaceutical needs.

Quality Assurance

  QUALITY POLICY: QCL commits to take the steps necessary to provide the highest quality of services to our clients, through continuous evaluation of all facets of the company and quality syst... Learn More

Raw Materials

QCL offers routine 10-15 business day turnaround-time for raw materials testing. Rush turn-around is available upon request and with prior approval. This applies to USP, EP, JP, BP, FCC, ACS, and clie... Learn More

Pharmaceutical Analysis

HPLC & Dissolution Testing   QCL’s Pharmaceutical Analysis Group provides comprehensive analytical services to the Pharmaceutical Industry in a GMP compliant environment. QCL o... Learn More

Gas Chromatography

Instrument Capabilities Twelve state of the art Agilent Gas Chromatography systems featuring: Flame Ionization and Thermal Conductivity Detection Static Headspace analysis Direct injection inc... Learn More

Stability Storage & Testing

QCL offers stability storage and testing as part of our stability management services for drugs substances and drug products from development to market.    Our experienced team of chemists... Learn More

Organic Synthesis

  QCL employs a group of experienced chemists dedicated to performing small-scale custom chemical synthesis (GMP and non-GMP) utilizing a wide selection of chemistries.  QCL has a small-sca... Learn More

Microbiology Laboratory

Our pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory is a stand-alone facility equipped with current technologies to analyze raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and finished products in accordance... Learn More

Mass Spectrometry

Range of Applications of LC MS Technology Drug Products Degradation product identification and profiling. Drug-excipient interaction studies. Deformulation of drug products. Ide... Learn More

Trace Metals

QCL performs routine testing, as well as method development and validation, for the assay of metallurgic impurities in raw materials and finished products.   QCL has the capability to simultane... Learn More