Organic Synthesis


QCL employs a group of experienced chemists dedicated to performing small-scale custom chemical synthesis (GMP and non-GMP) utilizing a wide selection of chemistries.  QCL has a small-scale capability of GMP manufacture (kilo laboratory).


QCL routinely carries out contract synthesis of pharmaceuticals/agrochemicals and their intermediates, specialty chemicals, reference/analytical standards, API impurities and metabolites.  The group specializes in performing multi-step synthesis, especially those demanding strictly anhydrous reaction conditions while using highly pyrophoric organometallic reagents.  The process development group has the expertise to help our clients in evaluation/improvement of existing processes or in developing a new and more economic synthetic route.  Other services available include API production, isolation, and purification, and drug substance characterization.


The synthesis group also specializes in Asymmetric Synthesis, which is becoming increasingly important in pharmaceutical industry.  We use methods such as resolution of racemates, synthon approach and reactions using chiral substrates/ reagents.  A few examples of reactions are Diels – Alder reaction, Sharpless’ epoxidation and dihydroxylation, and reduction of ketones using chiral oxazaborolidines (CBS reagent).


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